Fortnite League Winter Season

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Due to the Anticipated Interest, as well as the Limited Number of Teams, Space will be Limited!

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When is the Winter 2019 Fortnite League?

January 18th to March 8th

Matches are held once a week for 8 weeks. Depending on which group you join, you will either meet up on Fridays or Saturdays.

Dates for Friday Groups:
Friday January 18th
Friday January 25th
Friday February 1st
Friday February 8th
Friday February 15th
Friday February 22nd
Friday March 1st
Friday March 8th

Dates for Saturday Groups:
Saturday January 19th
Saturday January 26th
Saturday February 2nd
Saturday February 9th
Saturday February 16th
Saturday February 23rd
Saturday March 2nd
Saturday March 9th

What are the rules of the league?

Participants may sign up as an individual or as a squad. Participants who sign up solo will be placed into a squad.** Each week, teams will compete in three games of Fortnite. The total points they earn in each game is determined using the following chart:

Total points per game = placement + 10 * number of eliminations
The team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the Fortnite League Winter 2019 Champions!

** About half of our participants sign up as squads or duos with friends from school.

Which section should I join?

There are multiple sections that meet at different times listed below. Each section meets for an hour and fifteen minutes each week. (Sessions may last up to an hour and thirty minutes depending on how long each game takes.)

January 18th- March 8th

  • Electro Shuffles (Grades 2 – 4, Fridays 4:30pm)
  • Disco Fevers (Grades 2 – 4, Saturdays 3:00pm)
  • Orange Justices (Grades 2 – 6, Fridays 6:00pm)
  • Smooth Moves (Grades 5 – 8, Fridays 7:30pm)
  • Infinite Dabs (Grades 5 – 8, Saturdays 4:30pm)
  • Best Mates (Grades 5 – 8, Saturdays 6:00pm)
  • Eagles (Grades 5 – 8, Saturdays at 7:30pm)

** Times are subject to change due to unexpected events.
We will finalize times 2 weeks before the start date via email to all parents.
**Registration does not guarantee a spot. Each team can only have four players max. Spots on each team are granted on a first come first serve basis. We will refund all players who we cannot place on a team.

Where will the matches be played?

Matches will be held at The Microsoft Store at the Westchester Mall in White Plains.

The Microsoft Store has a room at the back of the store specifically used to hold gaming events and tournaments.

(This location is tentative as we are currently working on securing a larger location in the White Plains area.)

What equipment is provided?

High powered ASUS gaming laptops, Xbox consoles and controllers, gaming mice, and HyperX headsets are provided. With your registration, you will also receive a league t-shirt!

Help! I can't make a match. Can I sub in a friend?

Yes! If you can’t make a match, you are responsible for finding a friend to sub in for you. 🙂

How do I register a team?

Each player on the team must make an account and register.

On the registration form, there is a field where you can enter your team name or the names of other players on your team.

Photos from Past Seasons